Patch 3.2 – Argent madness

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Information on Patch 3.2 is slowly becoming more available, let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

-New Epic Gems/Jewelcrafting , Siha over at Banana Shoulders sheds more light on this, check it out HERE

-Emblem Changes, over at World of Matticus there’s some more info – link

-Argent Tournament madness, including a collosseum where crazy monsters are fought

-Mount system revised, more info on the forums – link

-Experience gains through PvP (ZOMG) – link

-Paladins get a buff… as if they needed one. Eyonix explains on the forums here

-Druid form art updates and a shaman totem bar.

-A bad ass new battleground, Isle of Conquest. Man you better be stoked for this one.


The priest!

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Well, that’s my priest in his fishing gear.
Spent too much time trying to get the turtle mount, yet no luck whatsoever.

My main spec is 55-16-0, a hybrid disc healing spec/pvp spec. To allow me to keep the second spec for shadow. (Which I fail at, wtb hit cap gear)

Feel free to tell me how bad my gear/spec is.

Death Knights

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My lvl 59 dk is already a bad ass. 112213123321231313123131312313131312

whoops sorry, was still playing him there, any random combination seems to work for killing stuff =)

Notice to raid leaders

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Don’t assign a healer to 2 different tanks, procede to pull while he is typing to hold up, and then blame the whipe on him for not keeping one of them up (I just picked one to heal.)

Even the GM I was talking to at the time read the raidchat and lol’d (wish i SS’d that)

Anyways, on a side note; emalon hates priest. Straight up.

World of WHATcraft

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So how the hell are you supposed to start a blog anyways?

Hi my name is Max and I play wow?

Anyways, I’ll be updating this from time to time, hope you enjoy it.